Ship Name : Ingunn

01. General

Name: Ingunn
Year Built 2001
Call Sign: PBBX
Flag: Dutch
Class: BV
Port of Registry: Ridderkerk
Yard of Build: Damen
Type: General Cargo Ship
IMO number: 9195896
P + I: Gard

02. Dimensions

Dwat: 5000
Draft: 6.19m
Loa: 95.14
Beam: 13.17
Depth: 7.15
GT: 2998 NT: 1709
Air draft in Ballast: 27m
Distance WLTHC in ballast: 5m
Number Holds: 1 Ha / 1 Ho
67.54 x 11.00 x 8.45

03. Capacities

Total Grain capacity: 218800

04. Speed and Consumption

About 11 knots on about 9.5 mtons 380 cst

Above parameters are based in good weather conditions whilst vessel on even keel, maximum force 3 in Beaufourt scale and sea state 2 in Douglas scale, no negative currents, swells or tidal streams and in temperate water.

05. Other

Type of hatches: Pontoon
Gantry Crain fitted
TPC: Tropical – 11.95 / Winter 11.52
Bowthruster: Yes
Tank Top Strength: 18mt/m2
Moveable Bulkheads: Yes x 2

All details are 'about' given in good faith without guarantee.